Yesterday, I added a comprehensive list of Dutch Rubus species on my website. Rubus has it’s European centre of diversity in the lowlands in western Europe, and in our country, about 200 species can be found. Although the Dutch Rubus flora is very well known, until now there was no overview of all native and introduced taxa. The published list is made by prof. A. van de Beek, and together with him, R.J. Bijlsma and I will publish a official check list later this year or next year. On my website, I will add photos of as much species as possible.

As said, the Rubus flora of The Netherlands is very well known, but there are still discoveries to be done. Last week, while working on my Rubus transects with my colleague Iris de Ronde (see one of my earlier posts), we found an unknown Rubus species near Maarn, which was identified later as R. euryanthemus. This taxon was not known from The Netherlands before. It’s known distribution includes England and Wales, Sleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen in Germany, and some solitary founds in Denmark and Belgium. Our plant forms a nice connection between the British and the German distribution areas.

The Rubus species list can be found here, and of course you will find photos of Rubus euryanthemus there too!