Two weeks ago I found a very small insect on the forget-me-nots in our backyard. First I thought it was a small ant, we have them all over. With the naked eye however, I couldn’t tell what it was. Looking through the camera, I discovered a beautiful metallic blue, very tiny wasp. It’s harness was sculptured, like a ‘driven’ metal plate or so. I thought it had to be a member of the Cuckoo wasp family, Chrysididae, although it was quite small for that. With the book about wasps I have I couldn’t tell what species it was. Before I could take decent photos of it, it flew, and I couldn’t find it back. Last week I noticed a similar specimen on one of the upright columbines we have in our backyard. Although I took many photos of it, none of them was good enough to show… And no wasps whatsoever after that moment… Until today! I saw a tiny bug landing on that same columbine, and even on that same flower. I grabbed my camera and made some decent shots with this beautiful insect, with the leaves of a red Heuchera in the background. I still don’t know the right name for it, but beautiful it is…..Cuckoo Wasp