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So, this is the place on the web where I will give an account of my daily life. Will it be interesting? I don't know. But at least I know I will post the things which interest me.

Elvis Presley was very fond of these cameras!

photography Posted on Jan 11, 2012 16:52:49

January 11th - My Bleu FED 2 with Jupiter-12 35mm

Feeling awful today, sick, fever, my muscles hurt… So a shot inside…
Wasn’t it Elvis who sung a tremendous song about this camera?
“Now it’s one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
So go, cat, go!

But don’t you step on my blue FED 2’s
You can do anything but lay off of my blue FED 2’s!”

Have to look it up….

This photo is part of my ‘Single in January 2012’ series. One month with one lens, in my case the SMC-Takumar 35mm F3.5. The whole series can be seen here: Single in January 2012

The best invention after peniceline…

photography Posted on Nov 18, 2011 12:22:26

of the well-known problems with those FSU rangefinders is the particular
design of the viewfinder, which seems to be developed to scratch your
glasses in the first place! Why the Soviet engineers did it in this way
is completely beyond my imagination… Thinking of a solution for my
Kiev-4A, my eyes fell on the lid of one of those Fuji Velvia slide
boxes, the no-flat black ones. After cutting the ridge on the outer edge
and the central part, it just fits tightly around the Kievs viewfinder!

Now, THAT’s a Soviet solution!!! Although… probably too sexy looking …

A cheap solution...

“In the heat of…” accepted in the Premiere Collection of the PPG!

photography Posted on Apr 04, 2011 23:49:38

One of my heathland burning photos was accepted in the Premiere Collection of the PPG today! This is the link to my PPG Collection: PPG Rense Haveman.

Heathland Burning

My ‘new’ FED-2

photography Posted on Mar 20, 2011 21:26:12

Last week, the mail brought me a blue FED-2. After acquiring a FED-3 some months earlier, I am constantly brousing the internet for these handsome FSU camera’s. There are 5 models, but I like the FED-2 and 3a best, aesthetically. There’s lot of information to find on these ‘Russian’ camera’s all over the internet, but I think has the best, or at least most systematic, overview.

According to the above mentioned website, my blue FED-2 is a B4 version. It has the old film advance knob (later versions have a mushroom shaped knob), but the new speed dial with central column and the Industar-26 lens make for the B4-identification. However, my camera has one peculiarity: the serial number. FED-2 version B4 has a serial number range #237.000-#475.000. My camera has the number #489.835, which lies in the range of version C1! No big deal, it’s a known phenomenon, but only few B4’s were made with such a deviant number, so I am the happy owner of a rare camera.

And judge for yourself: isn’t she beautiful?





Stary stary night

photography Posted on Jan 14, 2011 15:38:06

Today my Industar-61-LZ arrived. It’s an M42 lens from the former Soviet Union, and it’s said to be the best FSU lens ever. Well, I don’t know, and I don’t know the value of such a title, because I own this lens about two hours now. But I bought it because of it’s weird bokeh highlights when used at f5.6-f8. The iris is star-shaped in that aperture range, so it delivers star-shaped highlights. And I shot this example, just to show you!

550Bokeh highlights of the Industar-61 @ f/5.6


photography Posted on Apr 18, 2010 23:25:23

I am fascinated by macro photos of falling water drops. During my ramble on the world wide web, I stumbled upon a website of an physicist/artist who’s hobby is high-speed photography, and who makes magnificent photos of such falling water drops. The website is called ‘liquid sculpture‘, and that is perfectly appropriate. This man makes unbelievable photos of the effects of falling water drops!

I wanted to try a similar thing by myself, so I did some experiments this weekend. The results are not comparable to those liquid sculptures, but hey, one has to start somewhere, not? Here are some of my photos, all made with the SMC Pentax-A 100/4 macro.



The end of winter

photography Posted on Feb 28, 2010 22:20:11

Today is the last day of the meteorological winter. The weather was terrible over here, with a completely overcast sky and rain, rain, and rain. But I decided to go out anyways, to shoot some landscapes. I went to the ‘Noordberg’, a glacial ridge in the floodplain of the river Rhine. I used the MC Zenitar fisheye 16mm/f2.8, but I’d better made an other choice. Because this lens has only a very small hood, every time there were rain drops on the front lens group, and this ruined most of my photos. But this one turned out to be okay. Made at f/11 and ISO400.


The Life of a Bubble

photography Posted on Jan 29, 2010 17:40:42

Today I had some fun with soap and light. Probably you’ve ever noticed the spectacular colours in soap bubbles? Could be during washing the dishes – like me today – or in the bubbles made by a child in summertime. But how do they look from nearby? Today I examined this, and I must say it’s a spectacular experience!

I made a set-up with a rectangular frame with soap bubbles on a tripod, with a black cloth behind and some light – via a reflector – under an angle from the front. I shot the bubbles with my SMC Pentax-a 100/4 macro from as close as possible.

Never knew these soap bubbles go through different stages during their life. Here they are, have fun!

#1: turbulence, without colours

#2: colours start to emerge when the bubble comes to rest

#3: in the next stage, the bubble has bright colours

#4: the bright colours sink down

#5: on the upper side, the colours disappear

#6: the soap disappears in the upper corners

#7: this process takes over the colours

#8: just before the bubble bursts, all colours are gone

The Jupiter-9 as macro lens

photography Posted on Jan 25, 2010 19:10:40

I am always looking for not so usual combinations for my macro work. Yesterday I tried to combine the Jupiter-9 85mm/f2 with a complete set of extention tubes. This lens is a Russian portrait lens with no less than 15 iris blades, so the bokeh is very smooth. Although it’s hardly longer than a 50mm standard lens, it’s quite heavy.

I have a 1985 M42 copy of this lens, which is a Soviet copy of the Carl Zeiss Sonnar. I like it a lot, although I rarely use it. I think it’s because of the 85mm: too long for indoor work, too short for real telework. The 85’s are probably all dedicated portrait lenses, but that doesn’t have to stop one from using it for totally different purposes! And that is how I thought to mount the Jup on my macro extension tubes, to see what it would do. It’s not a scientific lens test, but a attempt to see how it would behave in real world circumstances…

Here are the results. Shot at ISO560 from a tripod. Hope you like’em!

#1: @f/16 = minimum aperture

#2: @f/8

#3: @f/2 = maximum aperture

At f/2, the DOF is very shallow, resulting in a hardly sharp photo. Besides, the Jupiter-9 is known for it’s softness at maximum aperture, so it’s not surprising the last example shown above is soft. At f/16, the max aperture of this lens, the OOF area is a bit quirky. I don’t know whether I like it or not, it’s a bit distracting in my opinion. At f/8, it’s quite good usable as macro lens: the OOF area is pleasing, the subject is really sharp. I shot another one at f/5.6, from a totally different angle, to see how this would turn out (see below). And I like the result!

I think the Jupiter-9 is quite well capable of shooting decent macro shots. I like it’s behaviour between f/5.6 – f/8, especially in the OOF areas. I think I will use this more often…

#4: @f/5.6

A different treatment

photography Posted on Dec 08, 2009 14:31:02

Sitting home ill, I’m trying to find some distraction, and therefore I am playing with my photos. After visiting the islands of Texel and Vlieland this summer quite often, I decided to do some post-processing on the pictures I didn’t include in the selected batch, in order to see what was to be rescued after all. I saw some awesome work on, and decided some of my photos could be treated the same way. And I like the results!

More will be posted soon here.

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