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So, this is the place on the web where I will give an account of my daily life. Will it be interesting? I don't know. But at least I know I will post the things which interest me.

Near the end…

Men at Work Posted on Jan 13, 2010 22:56:22

This is one of my last Men at Work photos. It must be, because at the end of this month, more exactely at the 21st of January, this project will end.

These two gardeners are working at the glass house garden in the institute where I work. It’s a kind a dangerous job, because the leafs of the lianas are lying on a glass roof….


A creative lie

Men at Work Posted on Nov 11, 2009 20:17:46

Sometimes, a photo does not turn out to be the photo you wanted it to be. There can be several reasons, but most of the time, I guess over 95%, it’s because I don’t have the concentration and attention to make the photo a success. Like this photo. I was too hasty, forgetting about camera settings, leaving the camera on JPEG, ISO1600, underexposed and backlit, with a lousy composition with a second guy doing ‘something’ in the lower right corner. So, I forgot all about photography and what photography is about: some attention for what you see….

I saved it by giving it a newspaper look in 6×7 format, and a ‘fitting’ photocopy look by pushing the noise. Yes, it’s a lie. But at least it’s a creative lie….


Men at Work with the Orestor 135/2.8

Men at Work Posted on Nov 06, 2009 17:05:43

Since January 22nd I have a private photo-project, called Men at Work. For one year, I will make photos of working men and women and post them in a gallery. This complete gallery can be found here. Today, I added some more photos, all made with the Meyer Optik Görlitz “Orestor” 135mm/F2.8.